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/104 521.391292 ma: log off and back on goldsaber: i don't think 14.04 has an i3 7100 GPU all my ubuntu software tab is missing and i can't download additional software daftykins: no but it is supposed to with the new intel graphics any suggestions? daftykins: or so I am thinking goldsaber: no, you can't do that. goldsaber: my mistake, but it's a D430 not an i3 goldsaber: so no actual support here - you could try ##hardware goldsaber: if you're hoping to do well in #ubuntu-offtopic then they'll be happy to help you with graphics, since it seems it was working as you expected before daftykins: I do not know that channel daftykins: fugue88: there's a lot of data here. as well as being rsynced from /dev/sdb2 on disk 1, to /dev/sdb1 on disk 0, i'd imagine this is a 0bytes / 0bytes thing meh2: ubuntu software center is missing? fugue88: ok good luck. daftykins: alright, thank you! np EriC^^, yes it's missing from the system settings and i can't download anything meh2: ok, what's the error? EriC^^, it says "the software can not be installed on your computer type (linux 32-bit) meh2: i see, type "sudo lshw -C disk | grep disk" that's one way meh2: does it say anything about PAE?



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Driver Acer Nplify 802.11 B G N Download For Pc

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